Standing Ovations

Improving the Quality of Life from the Inside Out!!

A Unique Success Training and Motivational Seminar Company

Standing Ovations is one of the industry leaders in professional training, corporate seminars, key note speaking, education, motivation, one-on-one coaching & mentoring, entertainment, and civic & community work.

"Improving the quality of life from the inside out!  - E.J. McKnight    

 E.J. McKnight 

Owner, Key Note Speaker, Educator, Motivator, Coach and Entertainer

Standing Ovations offers over 30 customized seminars: including corporate training in effective sales, customer service, leadership development & business management, character education and personal empowerment for students from kindergarten through college, mental preparation for athletes, and entertainment through magic & emotivational theatre, incorporating singing, acting and story-telling, for audiences of all ages.

Standing Ovation also specializes in one-on-one mentoring, coaching and education for business owners on the "business of business," and individuals struggling to overcome personal and professional obstacles.


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Seminars and trainings vary from one hour to two days in length, with audiences ranging from 1 to 6,500 in size. Most popular sessions include:

"Make It Happen"

"Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready to Play"

"Creating Customer Service Superstars"

"Awesome Professional Communications and Public Speaking"

"Dealing with Adversity or Change"

"Balancing a Personal and Professional Life"

"The Unplugged Seminar for Wired Executives"

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimenisions."  - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Mr. E.J. McKnight 

Phone: 904-955-7742




"Protect your dreams with your life, because they ARE your life!" - E.J. McKnight